Behind the Scenes:

HLTH UCSF Digital Health Awards 2023

Kristina Furlan
Chief Product Officer
A woman looking the left.
Inside Iron Health
September 26, 2023

Real talk: driving change in healthcare is hard, and most of our time at Iron Health is spent heads-down, doing the work. But once in a while, we get a chance to look up and appreciate that we're not alone—that there are countless other people also working hard to make healthcare better. What an honor it was to be in their company this past week as Quarterfinalists for the HLTH UCSF Digital Health Awards 2023. 

Ritika Khilnani and the team at Tiny Health have pioneered at-home gut health testing for moms and babies. Stacy Harris and the team at Mocingbird are dramatically improving the way providers manage CME compliance. Bruce Thompson and the team at Lumos have created a sleep mask that's designed to reduce the negative effects of jet lag and night shifts. And the list goes on. So very proud to be innovating alongside all of you.

Thank you to Mark Goldstein and The Digital Health Hub Foundation for including Iron Health in this illustrious group of innovators. You've left us inspired, motivated, and as committed as ever to improving healthcare quality and access for women.

-- Kristina