Powering the care you deserve

The relationship between you and your OB/GYN is intimate, complex, empowering, insightful, sometimes frustrating.

It’s the kind of relationship that deserves the utmost care and attention - space for consistent, meaningful dialogue beyond just semi-regular visits.

We know how important your relationship with your OB/GYN is. We know what it’s like to wonder whether bad cramps are a sign something is wrong, whether feeling tired all the time is normal during pregnancy, and whether or not that relentless itch is an STD or a yeast infection. We know how it feels to wait and wonder in the meantime, spending hours on the internet in search of answers.

That’s why we created Iron Health. Because the type of care you deserve is the type of care we have to give.

Conversations when you need them, care that just makes sense

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All of your healthcare needs, all in one place
Meet virtually with a member of your OB/GYN’s Iron Health care team for anything from primary care to behavioral health.

Responsive, personalized attention
Not sure if you need to see your doctor? Send a direct message when unexpected health questions come up.

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Information when you need it
Consider us the online extension of your doctor’s office–a convenient, 100% virtual space for all of those in-between visit needs.

Simple, actionable guidance
Managing health conditions or goals with Iron Health is easy. Access your personal care plan, schedule appointments, message our team, and read educational content curated just for you.

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Strengthening your healthcare experience

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Comfort Rest assured knowing no question is too big or too small. Our care team is here to listen and offer guidance, whenever you need it.

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Convenience From virtually seeing a nurse practitioner to talking to a therapist, Iron Health simplifies the process of getting care.

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Collaboration We deliver care in concert with your OB/GYN to connect the dots.

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Credibility Iron Health providers include board certified women’s health nurse practitioners, licensed clinical social workers, registered dieticians, and registered nurses.


What is Iron Health?

Iron Health was created to improve access to care and health outcomes for all women. Leveraging a tech-enabled, virtual platform, Iron Health partners with OB/GYNs to provide a network of multidisciplinary providers, bridging gaps across your healthcare journey. You benefit from a dedicated care team who is available to assist, treat, and coordinate your care from primary care and behavioral health to chronic disease management and nutrition. All women deserve accessible, equitable quality care and Iron Health exists to help you get it.

Is Iron Health available to individuals?

At this time, access is provided only through your OB/GYN. Contact us if you’d like to see your OB/GYN practice using Iron Health.

What types of doctors will I have access to with Iron Health?

As a patient, Iron Health provides access to a virtual care team that is personalized to your unique needs. Our team includes Nurse Practitioners, Nutritionists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, and more.

Do I need to pay to use Iron Health?

Our in-app messaging is always free. For video visits, standard copays may apply. The cost for virtual visits will depend on your insurance coverage, co-pays, and any deductibles you may have. Our care team is here to help you navigate potential costs so you are never caught off guard when getting care.

What if I already have other providers I like but they don’t have a relationship
with Iron Health?

Currently, Iron Health is only available to patients through their OB/GYNs, health plans, and provider organizations that partner with Iron Health.

How do you keep my personal information secure?

At Iron Health, the security and confidentiality of patients’ personal information are of the highest importance to us. Iron Health and the providers on the platform are all HIPAA compliant and we have designed our platform to comply with all relevant privacy laws. Our strict privacy and security protocols ensure the protection of patients’ personal information.

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