A virtual extension of your practice

Partner with Iron Health and focus on the things only you can do

Provide patients with faster access to primary and specialty care

Reduce burnout while driving new revenue for your practice


Think of us as a virtual extension of your practice

Iron Health helps you provide faster access to primary and specialty care, improve care coordination, and boost utilization of your ancillary services.

How it works

Add a trusted virtual partner to your team—here’s how.

Your practice chooses the services your patients need, from primary care and mental health to nutrition, chronic illness, menopause and more
Iron Health screens and risk stratifies patients into your selected care pathways
Iron Health delivers care through virtual visits and direct messaging
Iron Health makes patient encounter information available in your EHR to keep you informed and facilitate reimbursement
Iron Health tracks patient progress and provides valuable population health insights when transitioning to value-based care

Benefits of Iron Health

Free up time and valuable resources so you can
focus on doing what you do best.

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Iron Health

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Creates space for preventative, proactive care outside the four walls of your practice

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Adds reimbursable virtual services to drive new revenue

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Connects patients to a dedicated care team of advanced practice providers

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Reduces provider and staff burnout

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Provides access to fast, convenient, specialized care


As a provider/health system, is this going to make more work for me/us?

No, Iron Health will make less work for providers while also adding revenue streams. We provide new services for patients, managing primary care and behavioral health so you can spend more time on obstetrics and complex cases. Our goal is to relieve some of the administrative burden to increase provider satisfaction rates and reduce burnout.

How does Iron Health make money?

We deliver virtual care for our OB/GYN partners’ patients.  We enable our partners to capture new revenue streams by providing a team of advanced practice providers and support staff.  We are compensated for the services we provide through a contract with our partners. 

Where is the Iron Health Integrated Care Team located/how are they distributed?

It is really important to us that Iron Health’s care team is representative of the provider and patient populations that they support and are distributed within the regions where our services are delivered accordingly. As we continue to expand to new markets, we will continue to hire talent locally in those markets.

How does Iron Health protect patient data?

At Iron Health, the security and confidentiality of patients’ personal information is of the highest importance to us. Iron Health and the providers on the platform are all HIPAA compliant and we have designed our platform to comply with all relevant privacy laws. Our strict privacy and security protocols ensure the protection of patients’ personal information.

What’s involved with the March of Dimes partnership?

Iron Health was selected as the first investment for March of Dimes’ Innovation Fund, a venture philanthropy initiative that invests in promising companies with a proven or strong potential to improve outcomes and impact moms’ and babies’ lives. As a strategic investor providing more than just capital, March of Dimes actively supports Iron Health with access to their clinical experts, research, educational content, market relationships and more. By working together, we can create more immediate and scalable social impact that improves the health outcomes and care gaps for all women.

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