From our Founder:

Reflections on our Impact 100 Award

Stephanie Winans
Co-Founder and CEO
A woman looking the left.
Inside Iron Health
February 21, 2024

“Doing good work with good people.”

As we focus on hitting business goals to propel Iron Health forward, this simple mantra keeps me centered on what matters most. Customer success, revenue growth, product release milestones, fundraising— these are the means to an end, with the end goal being positive impact at scale on women and the healthcare providers they rely on, and continuous, positive impact on our team.

At Iron Health, our mission is ambitious and our vision is lofty. Our values are pervasive and our operating principles are riddled with reminders of the space we’re creating for one another internally— a space that remains safe, a space that encourages daily fun and celebration of “the highs,” a space that recognizes how to keep perspective during “the lows,” a space that values balance. How can we pursue our mission to take better care of women if we aren’t taking care of ourselves?

I believe taking care of us is good business. It permeates through our visits with patients, and in encounters with customers. Strong performance begins with taking care of people.

Thank you to the Impact 100 team, and to my good people. Along with the many surprise notes I have received from various members of the Iron Health team in the last few months, this Impact 100 Award will be cherished more than any marker of success we’ll see this year. It is testament to “doing good work with good people”—my north star.

About the Impact 100 Award
The Impact 100 Awards recognizes and celebrates the most impactful companies to work for across the globe, honoring the organizations large and small for their commitments to impact and building a progressive, people-first workplace.

The Impact 100 team reviewed over 5,000 companies of all sizes and interviewed over 20,000 employees to uncover the companies making a true impact - where all employees, from top to bottom, genuinely feel like their contributions are making a difference to a cause they care about.

Learn more about Impact 100 on their website.