From our Founder:

Year In Review

Stephanie Winans
Co-Founder and CEO
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Inside Iron Health
January 3, 2024

As we gear up for an exciting 2024, it’s important to look back on the year in the rearview.

This time last year, we had four employees, and hadn’t officially launched in the market yet. Today, we have eighteen full-time employees (and counting!), and we’re live with 69 OB/GYNs who serve almost 60,000 patients across Tennessee, Kentucky, Michigan and Texas. We have built a solution to address the gaps in women’s health, aligning the needs of women’s health providers with the needs of the women they serve.

As I consider what it means to build for impact in today’s U.S. healthcare system and marvel at how much we accomplished in 2023, it’s not the macro picture that strikes me… but the million micro tasks my team has achieved to get us here.

We purpose-built a platform that supports a positive patient care experience. We designed evidence-based care pathways and protocols to support our comprehensive service offering. We built a clinical care delivery team, and an approach to high quality, standardized, inclusive care to support them. We developed a strong data architecture to support our measurement of patient clinical outcomes and customer economic outcomes. We stood up sales, customer success, engineering and clinical operations teams. We developed an advisory board, and fostered a culture committee.

And this reminds me of our first operating principle: “Think big, start small.”

We approach every solution with ambition, asking good questions to test the limits of what's possible.  But we don't stop there.  We have a bias toward action and when things get hard, we do what gritty people do— we roll up our sleeves, break down the problem, and find a way to take even the smallest step forward.  Because we know that all those small steps are what bring our big ideas to life.

We sure nailed this in 2023.

We listened to our customers, to our patients, to our teammates, to our investors, and we’ve learned a lot.  

“Iron Health, their management teams, our specific liaison, and the medical team they have hired have surpassed our expectations.”
- Iron Health Customer
“Grace is amazing and makes me feel like I matter.”
- Iron Health Patient
"When I met everyone on this team, I don't want to cry but it was such a gift. We talk about leadership and we talk about quality culture, and it's here. I am just so thrilled to be here."
- Iron Health Employee

To all of you who are on this journey with us, thank you. We’re starting the new year and we’re still listening, taking all the small steps to bring OUR big ideas to life with you.

Excited for the future,