From our Founder:

We’ve launched with our first partner

Stephanie Winans
Co-Founder and CEO
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Inside Iron Health
July 20, 2023

Annnnnnnnd, we’re live! We started seeing patients this month in partnership with Summit Medical Specialists in Kentucky, and I am having a lot of feelings about it. 

We have spent months building our team, listening to our customers, and developing a solution that helps OB/GYNs meet the needs of their patients. All that thoughtful listening, careful planning, and good old-fashioned hustle (and this team HUSTLES) ... there is nothing that makes it all real like an early customer launch. 

I have spent the last week in awe. I owe an apology to the new investors and customers I’ve met over the last few weeks because I know I’m radiating excitement in a way that may come off as corny. But the reality is that this moment is sheer magic and WE. ARE. SAVORING IT. 

Spending time with the passionate team at Summit Medical Specialists. Celebrating the full patient journey of patient number one. Marveling at glitch-free tech. The feeling of our brand on waiting room screenings and exam room posters. Every single patient referral. 

I am grateful to our investors for their support, absolutely thrilled about our partnership with Summit Medical Specialists, and looking forward to our upcoming launches in Tennessee and Michigan. Above all, I am so incredibly proud of this team— watching them give their best every day to drive the mission of Iron Health forward is a gift. 

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