Happy 1st Birthday

Iron Health

Stephanie Winans
Co-Founder and CEO
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Inside Iron Health
March 8, 2024

It's Iron Health’s One-Year Birthday!

[Trigger warning: for those trying to conceive or experiencing pregnancy loss, skip this one— send me a note and I’ll get you up to speed without the metaphor.] 

I always joke that building a startup is a bit like raising your first baby. I sold my first startup wearing a t-shirt that says “I raise businesses and babies” because the parallels amuse me (I was also raising a newborn and a preschooler then). 

The planning beforehand, the questioning whether you’re ready, the precarious alignment of support and resources. Then the incubation period. “When do we announce our news?” “Are we sure this is going to work out as expected?” “Wow, this is harder than I thought.” 

The baby is born, and you quickly realize you’re living in a constant uncertainty of whether you’re doing it “right.” The truth is that you’re not (it’s not possible to get everything right!), but you are doing your very best. Babies and startups— they’re transformational.  

Today this baby is officially 1! Because it takes a village to raise a baby, and certainly a village to raise Iron Health, we’ve collected some remarkable reflections from the past year. 

Favorite memories from the past year:

“The elation of seeing our first patient (who had no idea she was the first patient)”

“When three of our patients got pregnant in one month after trying to conceive” 

“When we found out the FDIC would make us whole after the bank failure crisis (ironically, one year ago today on our launch day!)… that was a doozie”

“Watching the team quintuple in size”

“When we learned that one of us had a dancing comedy act called the Tortellini Twins (we’re still waiting on a performance)” 

“Closing two deals in the first week of 2024” 

“When we sang Mariah Carey Christmas music at the top of our lungs on the Pedal Tavern in Nashville”

“When a customer’s feedback was so touching it made a few of us cry”

“Working with people every day who care about each other”

Cheers to International Women’s Day and to Iron Health’s One-Year Birthday, with much gratitude for your support over the past year.