Meet Mahssa Mostajabi,

Director of Product Management

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Inside Iron Health
September 25, 2023

What got you interested in tech?

I got interested in tech and, later, product management because I love working with engineers, solving complex problems, and seeing the way technology can change both society and our individual lives. It’s been incredibly gratifying to be a part of creating that change in a variety of industries. 

Is there something that you missed from your own healthcare experience that Iron Health specifically addresses?

Like many women, I haven’t had a Primary Care Physician (PCP) for many years; I only recently found one in the last few months. So when I heard about the specific work that Iron Health does, it was something I’d personally experienced and understood. 

What’s a secret health or wellness tip/practice that you live by?

I believe in Western medicine and I believe there are lots of natural supplements and practices that can alleviate issues as well. Personally, I’ve found working with an acupuncturist and nutritionist incredibly helpful for certain hormonal conditions. I’ve learned a huge amount from these professionals that my OBGYN and PCP weren’t familiar with or able to provide.

What makes you most excited about working at Iron Health?

I’m excited to work on a product with such a clear positive impact and benefit for women. Women’s health has been chronically under-studied and invested in, so being able to be a part of improving this for women is a huge boon for me personally and professionally. 

What does “strengthening the healthcare system” mean to you?

Making healthcare accessible and equitable for everyone.  

Let’s discuss ...

The latest scandal on a Bravo reality show. 

When you’re not working, where can we find you?

In a Pilates class, trying a new natural wine, or exploring a neighborhood in Atlanta.