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Privia Medical Group Launches Privia Wellness in Partnership with Iron Health

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December 11, 2023

Privia Medical Group Launches Privia Wellness in Partnership with Iron Health, Reimagining Comprehensive Care for Women

 In partnership with Iron Health, Privia Wellness will extend OB/GYN care for patients

HOUSTON, TX- Privia Medical Group Gulf Coast is embracing novel models of care to ensure their patients get access to much-needed health and wellness services. Launched in partnership with Iron Health—a virtual care partner backed by March of Dimes—Privia Wellness, a new ancillary offering for Privia Medical Group OB/GYNs,  will provide services for women from weight management and hormone replacement therapy to nutraceuticals and sleep and brain health.

“With the rise of the consumerization of healthcare, the way women manage their health is changing. Privia Medical Group is taking a stance to better serve women, and we’re thrilled to be part of this journey to develop a modern, comprehensive women’s health strategy at scale,” says Stephanie Winans, CEO and Co-founder at Iron Health.  

Launching with Privia Medical Group Gulf Coast, Privia Wellness will provide patients the services they seek, in concert with the care provided by their OB/GYN practice. Recent research shows the majority of women use their OB/GYN for all of their healthcare needs. 

“Knitting extended services to a woman’s OB/GYN practice provides evidence-based care under the supervision of their most trusted healthcare provider, and reduces the likelihood of care happening in a silo,” says Dr. Mark Cone, OB/GYN and Market President of Privia Health. 

Privia Wellness services will include a holistic approach tailored to you, including medication management, lifestyle coaching and nutrition, each personalized to your individual needs in four important areas.

  • Weight management, supported by Iron Health
  • Hormone replacement therapy 
  • Sleep and brain health 
  • Nutraceuticals 

“To further our commitment to improving the health of moms, we invested in Iron Health, to strengthen the healthcare experience for OB/GYNs and the patients that rely on them. Iron Health’s partnership with Privia Medical Group is promising in its ability to improve access to care that lowers chronic disease, a focus area for March of Dimes,” says Dr. Elizabeth Cherot, CEO of March of Dimes.

Privia Wellness launched in October with Privia Medical Group Gulf Coast for Texas patients, with more locations to come. For more information about this partnership, visit:

About Iron Health

Iron Health was created to improve the continuity of care and health outcomes for all women. Leveraging a tech-enabled, collaborative platform, Iron Health empowers OB/GYNs by providing a virtual network of multidisciplinary providers, bridging gaps across the health journey and extending their latitude of care. Patients benefit from a dedicated care team who is available to coordinate and deliver comprehensive care– from behavioral health, primary care and weight management to deep support in pregnancy and perimenopause. All women deserve accessible, equitable quality care. Iron Health is here to provide it. Backed by March of Dimes’ Innovation Fund, Iron Health was built at Redesign Health in 2022. For more information:

About Privia Medical Group Gulf Coast

Privia Medical Group Gulf Coast is a multi-specialty medical group built for purpose, to allow independent physicians to come together in a model that gives them and their patients a voice in the healthcare reform process. Simply put, we are focused on making healthcare better for all stakeholders. Better patient care means making it easier for patients to access their medical provider and improving the patient experience at every touch point. It also means providing the highest quality of care at the most affordable price. Finally, it means maintaining the autonomy of the doctor-patient relationship outside of third party interests. Established to serve the Texas Gulf Coast region in 2016, Privia Medical Group Gulf Coast now has over 400 providers practicing at 135 unique clinic locations throughout the region, providing care to more than 1M patient visits/year.  With offices in Houston, San Antonio, Austin and the surrounding areas, our independent providers are making sure that our patients' interests are represented as we move forward toward a better and more affordable healthcare delivery system for Texans. 

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Stephanie Winans

Co-founder and CEO of Iron Health

Mark Cone MD, 

President Privia Medical Group Gulf Coast, PLLC