Consider us the online extension of your doctor’s office–a convenient, 100% virtual space for all of those in-between visit conversations.

Iron Health provides you with:

+ A personal care plan and medication management
+ Easy in-app scheduling and virtual appointments
+ A team that works directly with your OB/GYN
+ An in-network provider

Learn more about the program(s) your OB/GYN offers below.

Comprehensive care
in just three steps.

Here’s how it works:

A phone screen
Get referred by your OB/GYN.
Once the referral has been made, you'll receive an email from Iron Health with more details.
Schedule your appointment.
Once you've accepted the invite and made an account, you can immediately start booking with an Iron Health provider.
Receive 100% virtual care.
Work with your Iron Health providers to achieve your health goals. Expect any co-pays or applicable billing to come directly from your OB/GYN.

Behavioral health

Taking the first step to prioritize your mental health is challenging. Finding a provider you like, let alone one that takes your insurance is daunting and time-consuming. That's where Iron Health comes in.

What you can expect:

+ Ongoing interactions with a licensed professional

+ Access to prescription medication when approved by your OB/GYN

+ In-network insurance coverage*

Weight management

Losing weight isn’t always a quick or straightforward journey. But with the help of Iron Health's comprehensive weight management program, achieving a healthy weight is a lot easier.

What you can expect:

+ Ongoing virtual visits and messaging with Iron Health’s advanced practice providers and registered dieticians

+ Medications, when appropriate, including (but not limited to): GLP-1s such as Semaglutide (e.g. Wegovy), Phentermine

+ Insurance coverage*

Primary care

Finding a primary care provider is something most women struggle with. That’s why Iron Health created a virtual primary care offering through your OB/GYN.

From UTI's to urgent care, lean on our licensed providers for your primary care needs.

What you can expect:

+ Direct access to our advanced practice providers for ongoing or urgent care needs

+ Insurance coverage*

Gestational diabetes

Navigating Gestational Diabetes can be a challenging and sometimes overwhelming experience. But with Iron Health's Gestational Diabetes program, having a happy and healthy pregnancy is a lot easier.

What you can expect:

+ Visits with a registered dietitian

+ Ongoing support and tracking of your blood sugars

+ Insurance coverage*

Menopause management

Menopause is no longer an afterthought with Iron Health’s virtual and comprehensive offering. From hot flashes and mood swings to weight gain, Iron Health evaluates and addresses the multitude of symptoms that present themselves through every phase of menopause.

What you can expect:

+ Comprehensive symptom evaluation and management

+ Ongoing therapy with a licensed therapist (when applicable)

+ Medical management of obesity and weight gain and nutrition and lifestyle coaching (when applicable)

+ Insurance coverage*

What our patients say

“I was nervous since this was my first appointment ever with a therapist and [Gracie] made it really easy. A few minutes into the session I felt I could just talk to her.”

- TN Patient, 32
“I met Jenny today and I’ve felt like I’ve known her my whole life. She was so easy to get along with and open up too! She is awesome !!”

- MI Patient, 53
"So happy to have finally gotten in with Iron Health. Thank you for helping with mental health it mean so much to me to finally have someone that will listen."

- KY Patient, 27


What is Iron Health?

Iron Health is a health organization on a mission to close the current gaps in women’s healthcare. Our goal is to make accessible, equitable, quality healthcare of body and mind the status quo for all women.

How do I access Iron Health?

At this time, access is provided only through your OB/GYN. Contact us if you’d like to see your OB/GYN practice using Iron Health.

What does it cost?

Our in-app messaging is always free. For video visits, standard copays may apply. The cost for virtual visits will depend on your insurance coverage, co-pays, and any deductibles you may have. Our care team is here to help you navigate potential costs so you are never caught off guard when getting care.

How does Iron Health protect patient data?

At Iron Health, the security and confidentiality of patients’ personal information is of the highest importance to us. Iron Health and the providers on the platform are all HIPAA compliant and we have designed our platform to comply with all relevant privacy laws. Our strict privacy and security protocols ensure the protection of patients’ personal information.

What does the Iron Health team consist of?

As a patient, Iron Health provides access to a virtual care team that is personalized to your unique needs. Our team includes Nurse Practitioners, Registered Dieticians, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, and more.

*Please contact your insurance company directly to determine out of pocket costs as every insurance plan does differ.

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