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July 7, 2023

Owensboro-Native Launches Virtual Care Platform For Women

Kicks off with behavioral health support to patients at Owensboro-based Summit Medical Specialists

[JULY 7, 2023, OWENSBORO] Owensboro-native Dr. Chris Toler had goals of expanding the care that his patients offered—today that goal has come to fruition.

As Co-founder and Chief Clinical Officer of Iron Health—a virtual care partner that serves as an extension of the OB/GYN practice—Dr. Chris Toler kicks off this journey in Owensboro, starting with Summit Medical Specialists. Leveraging a tech-enabled, collaborative platform, Iron Health empowers OB/GYNs to fully focus on their area of expertise by giving their patients quick access to a virtual team skilled in primary and specialty care.

“After medical school and my OB/GYN residency which I completed in Kentucky, I returned to practice in the hospital where I was born, right here in Owensboro," said Dr. Chris Toler. “Because of this, it feels very special to partner with Summit Medical Specialists and launch Iron Health in the city where I started my practice.”

Summit Medical Specialists is leading the charge in ensuring women in the community have their full scale of healthcare needs met. From gynecology and aesthetics to primary care and mental health, Summit Medical Specialists provides a full suite of healthcare services to Owensboro residents—supporting better outcomes across a woman's healthcare journey at all stages of their life.

“We're very excited that Iron Health is our virtual care partner. We're starting with Behavioral Health because it is a real need and something our patients have been asking for. Now we can deliver!” says Suzanne Rashidian, DO, Owner of Summit Medical Specialists.

Built at Redesign Health and March of Dimes' first Innovation Fund investment, Iron Health addresses the fragmentation between OB/GYN, primary, specialty, behavioral, and wellness care while providing OB/GYNs a full spectrum view of their patient’s health. 

To learn more about the partnership between Iron Health and Summit Medical Specialists, visit their new office space at 3821 Vincent Station Drive, Owensboro, KY, or visithttps://www.ironhealth.io/providers/summit-medical-specialists.

About Iron Health

Iron Health was created to improve the continuity of care and health outcomes for all women. Leveraging a tech-enabled, collaborative platform, Iron Health empowers OB/GYNs by providing a virtual network of multidisciplinary providers, bridging gaps across the health journey and extending their latitude of care. Patients benefit from a dedicated care team who is available to coordinate and deliver comprehensive care – from primary and specialty care and behavioral health to chronic disease management to nutrition and gynecology. All women deserve accessible, equitable quality care. Iron Health is here to provide it. Backed by March of Dimes’ Innovation Fund, Iron Health was built at Redesign Health in 2022. For more information: http://ironhealth.io/.